Aussie Parenting Influencer instigates new Child Protection Movement

A recent post by successful entrepreneur and popular parenting blogger Tammi (@tammi.tmb) has sparked a new movement, aimed at empowering and protecting Aussie kids against sexual assault.

Tammi’s #onlyformeprotects post, which highlighted the importance of having body safety conversations with young children, had a huge impact on her 46,000 followers, with hundreds of her loyal fans purchasing a copy of the book ‘Only For Me’ which she used to introduce the topic to her own children.  Tammi explains ‘I am just so passionate about this book and what the Author is trying to achieve’.

Tammi’s post not only reached thousands of parents, but also triggered responses from many other influential bloggers including long term supporter Sarah Kearns @sarahkearnsoffical and fresh support from content creators @judgymummy, @crystallouu,  @stephluck, @steffholmes.co, @handful.of.adventures @victoriagdeng, @lifewithsaam, @simplystoked_, @noosa_mum and @aimee.leigh_  who collectively reached out to their 200,000+ followers to highlight the importance of this issue.

With statistics indicating that 1 in 5 children will experience some sort of sexual harm before their 18th birthday, experts recommend that body safety conversations should start as early as 3 years of age. Andrea Musulin, leader and pioneer in child protection explains "Parents are the primary educators of children and as such Only For Me is a must for all parents with young children. Whilst there is no fool proof system for protecting children, education serves as a very effective tool for increasing the personal safety of children. It is vital that parents introduce safety concepts to children in a non threatening manner and in a way that doesn't alarm or frighten them. This book does just that and has been beautifully written for children 3 – 8 years of age.”

Michelle Derrig, Child protection advocate and Author of Only For Me said that she has been completely overwhelmed by the response. “Whilst technology presents so many dangers for our kids, I am so excited to see its power being used to keep our little ones safe instead. I am so grateful to Tammi and all the other influencers who jumped on board to support my mission and I look forward to seeing the @onlyformeprotects movement evolve. Whether you have 40 followers or 140,000 followers every person can make a difference to help protect our precious children and ultimately disarm predators of the tricks and tool they commonly used to groom a child.”

Only For Me guides parents through the tricky and often confronting topic of body safety. Through its clever use of rhyme and beautiful illustrations, it gently educates young children that their body is private and that they have a right to protect their privacy. With over 15,000 copies now in circulation, Only For Me is being used in hundreds of organisations across Australia and is the new 'go to' resource for parents, carers and educators wanting to empower young children. For further information about the @onlyformeprotects movement or to purchase a copy go to www.onlyforme.com.au.


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