This book seeks to disarm predators by educating and empowering children with the knowledge that:

  • their bottom is private and not for sharing, touching, feeling or photographing;
  • other people's bottoms are private and it is wrong for someone to expose themselves or to show them images of bottoms on any sort of device;
  • that these rules apply no matter if the person is male, female, friend, family, stranger, cool, clever, kind etc.
  • that they can say no whenever someone's touch doesn't feel right (including kissing, stroking, cuddling, snuggling, either through clothes or direct touch).
  • that these rules apply even when it feels like a game
  • that boys bottoms have a penis and testicles and that girls bottom's have a vagina and vulva;
  • that the reason we use these correct terms is so that no one ever gets confused;
  • abusive behavior is never a secret even when threatened;
  • secrets should be nice and fun;
  • abusive behavior is not their fault and they won't be in trouble;
  • they need to tell a trustworthy adult if someone does the wrong thing to them;
  • it is the responsibility of that adult, to ensure that the abuse stops and that they visit someone who can help them (the victim) feel better; and
  • if that adult doesn't do these things, then they must keep on telling until they find an adult who helps.
  • includes space to record 5 adults they can trust;
  • includes contact numbers for Kids Helpline as well as contact details for adults who are concerned about a child's welfare.

Whilst the book successfully introduces these important issues, it is not intended to replace the conversations that should take place between children and their caregivers. Instead, it aims to help facilitate these conversations, prompt questions, clarification and sometimes even disclosure.


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