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The events that inspired Only For Me

It was at a dinner party in early 2014, that Michelle heard about two separate cases in my immediate community, where young children in primary school had been sexually abused by children their own age. Michelle was horrified to hear that in both cases, the parents had been supervising their children at the time!!

It made her realise, that no matter how diligent you are as a parent, the reality is that we all need to empower our children to protect themselves - we need to teach them, educate them and develop the skills they need, in order to keep themselves safe. Yet she also wondered how best to approach the topic and how to do so in a way that is gentle and dignified? How should she engage her children in such a conversation? How should she talk to them about such confronting subjects, whilst maintaining their innocence?

It was these questions, that prompted Michelle to create Only For Me. A book which will instantly engage your children through its beautiful illustrations and clever use of rhyme, whilst gently introducing critical information that they need to know, in order to protect themselves.

Written with advice from expert professionals, it is the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject - covering subjects never before included like the inappropriate use of technology by predators and what happens after they tell someone they can trust. Click on the here for a full list of topics covered.


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