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Whilst it is important that schools and early childhood centres cover protective behaviour topics in class, experts agree that it is also essential for parents and carers to reinforce these messages at home and to nurture a relationship with their child where they both feel comfortable discussing body safety issues.

Unfortunately, most parents are unsure as to how to go about having these conversations with their children – they’re unsure what information they should impart and are often concerned that they might alarm or frighten their child.  

Michelle Derrig, Author of the best selling picture book Only For Me, is available to run Parent Workshops at your school, early childhood centre, corporate workplace or community group. 

The 1 hour workshop will outline how best to approach the subject of protective behaviours with your young children and will cover:

  • The reality of childhood sexual abuse statistics and the events in the Sutherland Shire that inspired the book;

  • The importance of speaking about body safety with your child from a young age;

  • The critical information children need to know;

  • How to discuss these concepts with your child without frightening them

  • and how have they been incorporated in Only For Me;

  • Nurturing a relationship where they feel confident discussing & disclosing.

Prices start at just $250 inc. gst. To make a booking or to request a quote please contact Michelle.


Michelle is also available for Author Readings at your school, preschool or day care centre.

For more info contact Michelle.


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