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Why do I need to empower my kids with Only For Me?

Since 2016, Only For Me has been gently teaching tens of thousands of young children, about body safety and consent, helping them to identify inappropriate behaviour, especially in the earlier stages of the grooming process and giving them the confidence to speak up and respond appropriately.

Body Safety Education is essential because:

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) is a very REAL & PREVALENT, cutting across all demographics of society*;

  • In most cases it will involve a gradual grooming process by someone KNOWN to the child, quite often a RELATIVE;

  • It may also occur when your child is interacting with other children or friends (playdates, playgrounds, swimming lessons etc.), as a significant number of cases of CSA is carried out by OTHER CHILDREN/YOUNG PEOPLE (who have been traumatised themselves);

  • Horrifically our children are at risk even as babies and toddlers, so education needs to start early.

  • We can't be with our children of every moment of every day - therefore it is essential that we educate and empower our children to IDENTIFY, RESPOND & COMMUNICATE about body safety issues.

*In Australia, it is estimated that 1 in 5 children will experience some sort of sexual harm before their 18th birthday - that is 5 kids in every typical primary school class of 25 children, with 90% of victims being abused by someone known to them. See CSA Facts & Statistics for more details.

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