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"Only for Me is possibly THE BEST BOOK on the topics of body protection 
and sexual abuse prevention that I have seen for very young children."
Rebecka Shelberg, Kids' Book Review

"I can not speak more highly of this book. BEAUTIFUL and SENSITIVELY WRITTEN it sends a clear message in a way that engages a young audience. I recommend this book to parents everywhere. Thank you for giving me the words to help protect my children"
Catherine, Mum to Two

"Only For Me is INCREDIBLE. I, myself am a victim of child sexual abuse and I think what you have done is so important, and the way it's written is so beautiful and easy to understand. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. You're work is amazing. With endless gratitude."
Child Abuse Survivor & Mum

We have been trying to reinforce protective behaviours with our son for awhile but Only For Me just makes it so much easier for him to understand."
Taryn Alise, Mother to Two

"Only For Me is a PRICELESS RESOURCE for all parents and teachers of children under 8. It's amazing how easily those "uncomfortable" topics are to talk about when you have an engaging picture book to get the conversation started."
Alex, Primary School Teacher & Mum to Two

"Only For Me is THE BEST BODY SAFETY BoOK I have come across in my 17 years working in childcare."
Michelle (childcare worker)

"Thank you so much for such a BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN BOOK.
My daughter has wanted me to read it to her every single night since receiving it.
She has even taken it to Show and Tell at daycare - she is 3."

S.W. Mother

This book is gentle, yet empowering.
There's no doubt its critical message will impact lives." 

Ann, Child Abuse Survivor & Mother of Two

"Only For Me is such an easy book to read to all ages and the rhyming really appeals to the young ones.I have used quite a few different resources and this book is ONE OF THE BEST, if not, THE BEST, I LOVE it. It is a FANTASTIC addition to my resources. "
Facebook Review by Tezza Fultze

"Just want to let you know how much we love Only For Me in our household.
We have 2 young boys and we will read this to them every night so they can completely comprehend the issue and have better chances of protecting themselves."

Iris Grey, Mother to 2
  "I just wanted to say what a fantastic book you have written.
I just received it this afternoon and I wish I knew about Only For Me months ago!
I read this story to my 2 year old son tonight and he liked it too and at that the end said 'more'!"

Kellie, Mother & Daycare Teacher

"I'm often recommending books to friends and business owners but this would be my book recommendation of the year! Rather than brushing the topic of child abuse under the carpet or thinking it won't happen to you.....Approach it with this amazing book!"
Belle Ze, Mother to Three (2017)

"I strongly recommend this book to parents and teachers. It is well written
and appropriately targeted for a primary school age group."
Dr Jan Heath, Forensic Psychologist (2017)
"I have read this book and as a concerned parent, it can be a very difficult subject to talk about with children and grandchildren. ONLY FOR ME changes that dynamic and makes this topic a breeze to discuss with children and grandchildren. I highly recommend this book to help protect our children"
Brian Cherrie, Father & Grandfather (2017)

"Parents are the primary educators of children and as such Only For Me is a must for all parents with young children. Whilst there is no fool proof system for protecting children, education serves as a very effective tool for increasing the personal safety of children. It is vital that parents introduce safety concepts to children in a non threatening manner and in a way that doesn't alarm or frighten them . This book does just that and has been beautifully written for children 3 – 8 years of age. I've worked in the children protection industry for 31 years & this is one of the top 5 books I have come across ."
Andrea Musulin, Director, The Safeguarding ProjectInductee into the WA Inaugural Women's Hall of Fame as a Leader and Pioneer in Child Protection.

"Thank you so much for writing this book. The section about secrets is invaluable.
During the first reading of the book, my child disclosed something to me.
I hope it helps other families who may not be aware of things happening with their children."
Terese, Mother (Aug 2016)
"Thanks so much for taking the time to provide such an age appropriate & valuable resource on this sensitive topic. You have a great talent in writing in a way that makes the point, thought provoking
and is engaging for little ears to enjoy. I am very impressed with Only For Me."

Kelly Nickless, Preschool Director /Early Childhood Training Consultant Manager (Nov 2016)
"Only For Me was an extremely helpful, educational and age appropriate book to read to my year two students during our health unit called 'My Beaut Body'. I would definitely recommend this book to stage one teachers as it is a fantastic resource that deals with sensitive issues in a refined manner."
Michelle Morris, Primary School Teacher (Oct 2016)

"Thank you so much for this amazing book and opportunity for my child care centre.
We have had such positive feedback from so many families, and the preschool children have
embraced the messages in the book and taken them home to share with their family.
Allyson O'Keefe, Director, Gumnut Child Care Centre Engadine (Sep 2016)
"This book is a valuable resource which can help to educate young children about abuse and empower them with knowledge about their rights and where to seek help."
Dr Katrina Lines, Executive Director of Services, Act For Kids
"I have purchased your book 'Only For Me' and believe it to be the most valuable book for children
about child protection from sexual assault that I have encountered. Thank you."

Lisa Williamson, Leader/Early Childhood Education and Care Trainer

"I think this book will be a useful aide to parents and carers
in discussing the significance of the body and safe touch for children."

Dr Patricia Weerakoon, Author, Sex Educator, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney

"The Holy Father, Pope Francis, wishes me to express his gratitude for your kind letter and the gift. He appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to share your book, Only For Me, with him."
Monsignor Paolo Borgia, Assesor for General Affairs, The Vatican
"Only For Me is very sensitively written and my daughter really enjoyed reading it with me."
Terry Georgeson, Project Manager/Trainer Child Protection
"Congratulations! Only For Me is a very positive and important resource,
which would be very effective in a properly structured educational setting.
The content has been pitched well and the use of rhyme is very effective.
I see great value & potential in this book to educate & empower children against sexual assault"
Mr Francis Sullivan, CEO, Truth, Justice & Healing Commission
"You have provided a very good book, sensitive to the age of its readers and have deftly handled a challenging subject matter. I hope that your project is very successful and achieves what you -and all of us- hope that it will."
His Excellency, Most Reverend Adolfo Tito Yllana, Apostolic Nuncio of Australia
"This book is a gift. I am so impressed at the
intricate way this complex issue has become approachable and understandable.
This will encourage great conversations with children and their loved ones.
Well done to the genius behind this amazing resource."
Corinne Lindsell, Accredited Social Worker (AASW), Safe Church Program Officer
(National Council of Churches in Australia), Welfare Crisis Case Worker (St. Vincent de Paul Society), Counsellor.
"The book not only presents important information for children in such a digestible form but creates the environment for them to speak about child protection issues in everyday life.
We are so impressed particularly with the rhyming verse and pictures.
Full marks for content and presentation."

Kelvin Simon (Child Protection Investigator)
"This book is lovely and needs to be in every household.
Congratulations to you and Nicole for a book that will save lives."
Margaret Madden-Burns, Primary School Teacher
."This book is fantastic! I love the rhyme and the illustrations! It is a fabulous resource."
Leigh Fortunato, Mother of Two
"I just read your book - it is so beautiful and RELEVANT!!!!
Thank you for writing it and putting it into words, in a way that children can understand."

Elaine , Mother of Two
"I have read this book to all 12 of my grandchildren - its message is just so important. Every child needs a copy."
Lyn Toohey, Mother of Five, Grandmother to Twelve
"Only For Me is a great resource to have at our preschool to supplement teaching personal safety to our children. Using all the right terminology, it is a great springboard to start a conversation with the children, as well as having the ability to follow up on those conversations".
Susan Sorensen Teacher/Director, Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten Inc.
"All my children think this book is wonderful - it's been read and re-read every day since we got it and has generated some very valuable conversation and prompted lots of questions and answers. My 3 year old knows the first few pages word for word already. This book should be on every book shelf children access across homes, libraries and in educational settings. Highly recommended."
Nicky Giezekamp, Early Childhood Teacher & Mother of 3
"We we would like to congratulate you on your fantastic book.
We have just read it twice and it opened up some really good conversations.
You have done such an amazing job! It is a brilliant concept and
everyone with a child should have a copy of this. "

Kylie McCullough, Mother of 2
Congratulations on a wonderful publication. I loved everything about the book.
Your choice of words and pictures are most appropriate.
As I read and reread the book, I couldn't help but remember some of the
children with whom I have worked over many years and wished they had had access to this outstanding resource.
Di Brown, Former Principal & Educator

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