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The Only For Me website has a SSL certificate which means that all communication on the website is secure (look for the little padlock or https:// in your browser).

When checking out you will be given the option of CREDIT CARD or BANK DEPOSIT.
If you select CREDIT CARD you will be taken to the Eway Payment Gateway. Eway represents 25,000 plus merchants across Australia and promote their gateway as "providing bulletproof online security - managed and monitored by real people - and backed by robust PCI DSS compliance."
You can go to for further info.
When you select the credit card payment you are taken to the secure payment gateway who process your payment option (just like you are with PayPal). At no point does Only For Me ever see or have access to your credit card details.

Alternatively if you prefer to pay by bank deposit then it is no different to any other online banking you may do. The website provides you with my bank account and you then login to your own online banking and do a payment transfer or direct deposit.

Every Payment Gateway charges their vendors to receive payments. As my mission is to deliver an affordable resource, I have chosen to go with Eway as they offer much more reasonable fees than Paypal. If however you are only comfortable using Paypal, you may do so by purchasing a copy via my Ebay listing


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